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Our expert coaches at Alive and Well Health and Wellness are trained to help clients like you! We can help you discover what you need to do to recover your health, help you break through your obstacles and achieve lasting success.

6 Month Diet Change and Digestion Coaching with Mari Hahn

We start with a FREE NO-OBLIGATION ROADMAP SESSION where Mari will discover where you are at, where you want to go, and how she can help you.

Then Mari meets biweekly for 6 months, providing detailed goals, accountability and all the supporting materials and coaching you need to succeed!

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3 Month Diet Change and Digestion Coaching with Mari Hahn

Are you a do-it-yourself person who just needs a boost in the right direction?

After a FREE NO-OBGLIGATION READMAP SESSIONMari will create a customized plan to determine how your diet is causing you problems and set your on course with a new individualized diet based on your input, health issues and goals! 

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5 Week Stress Resilience Coaching with Doug Hahn

Take control of your body's reaction to stress. You don't have to suffer the negtive effects like indigestion, body tension, weight gain, heart pounding, anxious shallow breathing.

Doug trains you to control your heart rhythms using a biofeedback device. Once you learn how, you can use the techniques any time any where.  You literally retrain your brain-heart connection to deal with stress in a much healthier way. The method has been extensively studied and validated as published in many peer reviewed journal articles.

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