Gut Guide 101

Three Weeks to Better Digestion and Increased Energy

Mari J Hahn

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About Mari J Hahn

Certified Health Coach, Public Speaker and Author of Gut Guide 101

Mari believes that a poorly functioning digestive system is the root cause of many health issues.

She owns Alive and Well Health and Wellness – a business specializing in health coaching, wellness workshops and webinars.

She is an inspirational speaker and has twenty years of experience in the wellness field as a Massage Therapist and workshop instructor.

Gut Guide 101 is a moderate, natural approach to healing your digestive issues.

Did you know that over 70% of your immune system is in your gut?

Learn which things you may be doing every day that are damaging your balance of gut bacteria. Learn to listen to your body, understand your symptoms, tame your cravings, and make simple changes to improve your health. Gut Guide 101 includes a 21-Day Plan to Better Digestion and Increased Energy as well as over 20 delicious, gut-friendly recipes.

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Educate Youself

Our collective health is in jeopardy: the foods we eat are making us sick. Find out why the solution to the problem lies in the digestive tract.

  • Learn what you are doing that sabotages your digestive system every day.
  • Learn how to listen to your “Inner Doctor”, understand your symptoms and tame your cravings.
  • Learn how making small changes over time – a cup of green tea, a morning smoothie - will help you feel better than you have felt in a long time.


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Make a Change to Health

The 21-Day Plan in Gut Guide 101 shows you how to add in gut-friendly foods and supplements to get noticeable results – without making drastic changes to your diet.

Gut Guide 101 includes over 20 delicious gut-friendly recipes for every meal of the day

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