5 Week Private Stress Resilience Coaching

Take control of your body's reaction to stress.

The Clients We Help Are...

  • Feeling the physical effects of stress--weight gain, anxiety, tightness in their chest and gut, fatigue, high blood pressure, and body tension.
  • Having stress affect others--being irritable and taking it out on others.
  • Dreading stressful situations.
  • Unable to let go of their stress once situations pass.
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How Our Clients Feel After Coaching

"I feel back in control of my body"

"I got back to work and am productive again"

"It didn't help my sleep too much, but besides that, it changed my life"

"No more yelling at my wife!"

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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How Do We Do It??

We teach you HeartMath® Techniques. These are a set of techniques and skills you can learn to regulate the internal nervous system synchronization between your heart and brain.

By consciously putting yourself into this state of coherence (or order), you can reduce anxiety, improve your response to stress and improve your communication with others.

The skills are simple to learn and shown to be very effective in many published studies. HeartMath techniques are recommended by doctors and health practitioners as a safe and easy-to-learn way to help your body deal better with stress.

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How Can We Coach You Successfully in 5 Weeks?

Our HeartMath® Certified Coach will loan you the Inner Balance™ hardware/software technology that objectively provides continuous feedback on your level of coherence and how well you are learning to consciously control it. By practicing with the device, you learn EXACTLY what combination of physical, mental and emotional states work best for YOU to get you in coherence.


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About Doug Hahn

Doug first trained in HeartMath Coherence techniques ten years ago to deal with his stressful job in the finance industry. After getting off his blood pressure medicine and finding a new balance in his life, he began extolling the virtues of HeartMath techniques to everyone he knew. 

Now a  HeartMath® Certified Coach, he is coaching new clients both online and locally in Northwest Indiana.

Our Package Includes:

  • five 55 minute coaching sessions along with
  • The loan of the Inner Balance device plus
  • A workbook, and materials for download.

For Only $250 + shipping costs.

Learning the technique requires short but frequent and consistent practice sessions on the part of the client in order to make the technique automatic and see the benefits. Therefore there is no commitment less than five sessions, but additional sessions may be purchased for $40 each.

At the end of the five sessions, the client must return the Inner Balance device or purchase it. 

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